Ari was founded for regional Italian agricultures and its mission was twofold; the preservation of the environment and the production of renowned “Made in Italy” products.

In the home of the MEDITERRANEAN DIET,  there is a daily search for excellence in products within the country that boasts the widest range of food in the world.

Ari starts the mission in Umbria “the green heart of Italy,” with the leading product in the Italian food chain; extra-virgin olive Oil.


DOP oil is the showpiece of olive oil production due to a significantly higher quality. Its excellence justifies both safeguarding and valorization.

Our activity starts from the search of a territory within Organic parameters (absence of pesticides), a care for plants according to Organic criteria, while harvest and processing are carried out according to traditional methods that guarantee high quality, including the packaging.

The science of nutrition has made us aware that food is important to prevent certain sicknesses, as well as for nutrition and taste.

In 2014 in Pennsylvania the highest “Vertical Farm” with hydroponics method was launched, and in 2015 Milan will host the Expo 2015 from May to October, a global event dedicated to food.

Ari searches exclusively among Italian food for its production and packaging.Thanks to its professionals Ari guarantees both the genuineness of the final product and the highest quality with Organic certifications of origin.

Our aim is to achieve the appreciation of costumers who are environmentally aware and look for a higher quality of life.




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