The role of ARI in the context of the Organic


Our philosophy is to operate according to the principle of
sustainability understood as the ability of a system to last.
In contrast with any form of intensification
culture that skews our ecosystem of which often if
He forgets the fragility. The cultivation of our
legumes takes place at altitudes between 1100 m and 1350 m above sea level,
in the area of ​​Val Nerina, between Cascia and Norcia.
This particular positioning condition determines
some advantages in terms of finished product quality,
but at the same time, some aspects may be critical,
 since the result is due exclusively
the “will” of Nature.


At these altitudes are frequent late frosts
and the heavy summer hailstorms, which involve serious inconvenience for the entire cultivation. But this kind of weather, however, allows the realization of high quality products because the strong temperature
present during the whole of the year, it does not allow the development of all those pests that attack these foodstuffs.
So our products are not to be treated for any deterioration, all the while maintaining the organoleptic and nutritional quality.

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