The word saffron, from the Arabic “Zaffaran” means splendor of the sun and, like the sun, evokes warmth, energy and well-being.

From ‘300 to’ 500 saffron was well known throughout the territory of the Valnerina.
At that time, the saffron, used for its therapeutic properties, as a dye and as a flavoring in cooking, was the center of trade of the whole area, so that often substituted for the currency.

A Cascia existed one of the most important markets and most of the economic activity of the city was holding on trade of this spice, as it appeared in the Piccolpasso report of 1565.


The marketing of the product takes place in stigmas by packaging under one trademark that identifies the origin:

Saffron of Cascia – Pure Saffron of Umbria.


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