Fenolio is the Extra Virgin Olive Oil DOP, fruit of the prestigious production areas Amerini Hills of Southern Umbria, a beautiful landscape, designed by mountains, forests, valleys and rolling hills.

This area is particularly known for the quality of its oil. Between small, charming villages perched on hills covered with olive trees, lies a history of ancient castles and medieval villages.


Amelia is located on a high-ground between the valleys of the Tiber and the river Nera from which it overlooks a plain of olive trees.

It is surrounded by imposing octagonal walls dating from the 6th century B.C. eventually overlapped by layers of material from the Roman times and again from the middle ages.

The historic center of the town is brimming with monuments of great historic value, the Porta Romana and the Duomo from the 9th century, the church of St. Francis made in 1287 and the Church of St- Augustine.


This town of medieval appearance is set on elevated calcareous rocks from which it dominates the gorge through which flows the river Nera, this privileged setting made it a strategic hub for circulation between Rome and the Adriatic sea. This can be clearly seen in the remains of the 1st century Augustus Bridge, a noteworthy sample of Roman engineering.

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