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The precious legume … more nutritional
regarded by the Greeks and Romans as the “delicious food”.

The roveja is a small legume similar to the pea, by the roveja colored suit is also resistant to low temperatures, is cultivated in spring and summer
and it does not need much water.roveja

Roveja is much protein, especially if eaten dried, has a high content of carbohydrates, phosphorus, potassium and very little fat.
The manual harvest is definitely the reason for his disappearance, after the arrival of tractors, in the years 50/60 crops such as this are abandoned to their fate. Today is everywhere and only resist was almost abandoned few farmers in the Nerina valley, in particular in Cascia, ARi, maintains and protects an important gastronomic tradition and a unique flavor.
In this valley the roveja is sown in March at an altitude of between 600 and 1200 m and is harvested between late July and early August.

Roveja di Civita Roveja di Civita

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